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Tagalong Chocolate Shell Overnight Oats (vegan + gf)

a creamy oat base with a rich pb center, covered in a hardened chocolate shell:)

basically HEAVEN in oat form

also these are super physically satisfying and extremely satisfying to crack open (swipe for a texture vid!)


yields: 1 serving

prep time: 10 min

overnight time: at least 4 hr

total time: 4 hr 10 min


for the overnight oats-

1/2 cup rolled gf oats

1 scoop fav vanilla protein powder

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp crushed peanuts (optional)

1/2 cup non dairy milk

1 tbsp maple syrup

for the pb center-

1-2 tbsp creamy or crunchy pb

for the chocolate shell-

2-3 tbsp chocolate chips

1/2 tbsp coconut oil


*for the overnight oats- in a bowl mix together the oats, protein powder, chia seeds, crushed peanuts, non dairy milk, and maple syrup

*for the pb center- in the center, on top of the oats, add 1-2 tbsp peanut butter

*for the chocolate shell- in the microwave melt together the coconut oil and chocolate chips, then pour and spread over the oats and pb, refrigerate overnight or for at least a few hours, and enjoy!

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