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Double Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Baked Oats (vegan, gf, + nut free)

rich, melty, and extremely addictive

can’t stop won’t stop making baked oats bc they are just simply too dreamy🤎 especially when they have a center as creamy and chocolate-filled as these:)

also can we take a second to appreciate the cinnamon maca almond butter by on that second slice bc it literally tastes like a snickerdoodle in the form of a nut butter.. amazing


yields: 1 serving

prep time: 5 min

cook time: 32 min

total time (including cooling): 37 min


blend ins- (things you’ll be blending together)

1/4 cup gf oats

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp/ 1 serving chocolate protein powder (i used @unicornsuperfoods )

1 tbsp cacao/cocoa powder

1/2 banana

1/2 cup non dairy milk

1 tbsp maple syrup

a dash of vanilla

1/2 tbsp ground flaxseed

a pinch of salt

add ins- (things you’ll add into the mixture AFTER blending)

1/4 cup gf oats

1-2 tbsp chocolate chips


*preheat oven to 350 F and set aside a ramekin

*in the blender blend together the oats (just the first 1/4 cup), baking powder, protein powder, cacao powder, banana, non dairy milk, maple syrup, vanilla, ground flaxseed, and salt until smooth

*then, using a fork, stir in the other 1/4 cup oats and the chocolate chips. pour the mixture into the ramekin, add more choc chips on top, bake in the oven for 30-35 min, top with nut butter or whatever your heart desires (i used maca cinnamon almond butter), and enjoy!

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