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Healthy Single Serve Funfetti Cookie Dough (vegan, gf, + no bake)

a satisfying, sweet mouthwatering treat (lol) that takes less than 5 mins to make

simple and smooth with fun bits of creamy and crunchy from the sprinkles and choc chips<3 yes pls

one of the best parts of making cookies is eating the dough so this recipe is perfect for when you want a couple spoonfuls but don’t want to go through the hassle of making and baking a whole batch of cookies:)


yields: 1 serving

prep time: 5 min

total time: 5 min


1 1/2 tbsp nut or seed butter

1/2 tbsp non dairy milk

1 tbsp coconut sugar

a dash of vanilla

2 tbsp almond flour

1/2 tbsp coconut flour

a good pinch of salt

1/2 tbsp sprinkles (i used @watkins.1868 )

1/2 tbsp chocolate chips


*in a small bowl mix together all ingredients besides the sprinkles and chocolate chips until smooth. then mix in sprinkles and chocolate chips and enjoy!

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1 commentaire

ava deluca
ava deluca
03 juil. 2021

oooo this looks so yummy I’ll have to try it soon!!

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